Monday, March 22, 2010

Missionary Funnies

Thought this would give you a little insight into our very normal daily lives as missionaries in a foreign country  ;)

* My lttle sister speaks Spanglish. ALL the time, lol!

* People at the stores think we're dirty-rich tourists and always try to give us higher prices on things

* My brothers talk to my parents in Spanish, and they respond in English.

* For me, the hardest question in the world is:  "Where are you from?"

* Some of my closest friends are Chileans

* My dad has to watch Bonanza in Spanish. Very funny to hear the Cartrights speak Spanish.. haha. You can just imagine!

* M&Ms are a real treat we never get 'cause they're so expensive.

* Our ears perk up at the sound of English

* We get excited when we see grass.. LOL! (you see.. we live in the desert :)

* It's normal for us to dream in Spanish.

* We can't say "we're Americans" because people here will say "we're Americans, too!" (very true) and can easily get offended.. lol

* Cockroaches at night are a normal sight in our front yard.

* We can't speak either language 100% correctly!

* We go to bed after midnight every single night

* I've made a habit clearing a path from my bed to the satirs every night. Never know when an earthquake might hit. And fyi.. they have. In the middle of the night! and I've had to rush down the stairs. So it's def. a good habit to have!

* Kids on the street start yelling "I love you!" as you go by. Probably 'cause it's the only English they know and they want to practice it on somebody  :)

Well.. I'm sure I could come up with many many more, but I really better get back to doing school. Uh-oh... shhh! Mom's coming! Lol.. jk  =)  I DO have to get back to school, though!

Hope you enjoyed these! Not all of them are funny, but I think they might be somewhat interesting to some of you  :)

 I would love to answer any questions you might have! Just leave me a comment and let me know!

God bless!


Lexi said...

HAHA thats awesome! I would love to dream in Spanish. =D

LocaChica said...

Too funny!!!
What you said about the "American" thing is soo true!! I have a friend that lives in Guatemala, and when I first met her I told her I'm American, and she proudly responded that she is too!
Spanglish is the best!! I love speaking Spanglish with my friends at a Spanish church I go to whenever I get the chance.
I've never had a dream in Spanish though, but I hope I do sometime in my life!!

Jenna said...

I really enjoyed reading this post! Thank you for sharing what it's little in South America. It is always neat learning about different cultures! :)

Your Sister In Christ,

Sarah Beth said...

cute! : ) lol about the "I love you" phrase. Especially when a certain person walks around the neighborhood in a puffy pink dress! (no names, please) lol extraño nuestras locuras!!

Leah said...

He He! Dreaming in Spanish! How funny!

I really enjoyed all of these facts.

It really gives people (ME) a taste on how different living in a foreign country can be.



Cath Ü said...

Nice to have a little insight into your world.. all the best...
Cath's Blog

cath Ü

Melody said...

I just found your blog, and I want to say, all your facts about missionary living are really cool! Especially dreaming in Spanish and not really knowing either Spanish or English 100%. It's neat to get an insight into another person's world. :)



~Rebekah Bjur~ said...

Hello, girls!

Thanks so much for your sweet comments!

God bess!

Cai-Jo said...

Surprising how similar my life is to yours. I mean, I can apply almost all your points to my life. And I agree that Spanglish is the best. If you don't know the word in one language why not say it in the other?